the belt


Choppertown-Nation Meeting

that's in 3 weeks.


local event today, pinstripers, gearheads on 2 and 4 wheels, sun, BBQ, beers and soda, fixing minor problems on a friends bike, talked to old friends, talked to new ones.
Great afternoon.

always carry a hammer and a spare clutch cable !

will post some more pics soon.

under construction

projects in workshops.


of model cars, parts, new or old, dusty or shiny.
love it.

The brick

Mr. Josh

Mr. Josh, originally uploaded by blauvelt.

From the oldskoolchopperpool @flickr, added by Blauvelt.
I really love this, the sharpness, tone, light, angle and the cycle.
One absolute favorite picture i've seen i awhile.


detail, shot with a 50mm standard.


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