Fire in the hole !

October 16.
While taking a shower my girlfriend sees smoke coming into her bathroom, at first she thinks it's the neigbour BBQ-ing some, one nanosecond later she thinks it's a little early for a BBQ so she starts to investigate.
After seeing smoke coming into the bathroom from the small storage closet behind this space she starts to yell a classic frase fire fire fire........
Several minutes later the fire department arrives so i hand over my extinguish-attemps to the pro's. Must say that i felt rather amateuristic lying on the ground in my underwear with nothing but the small shower hose as equipment. We did -however- think clear and turned of the main electrical switch.
The pro's did make a remark on not turning the main gas-line off, but hey, i'm not the pro..did what felt right at the time

Conclusion; a heating system of 22 years old needed replacement some time ago, clearly written down by the maintenance guy who wrote this recommendation on a service note last march.
Domein, owner of the house my girl lives in never did take action in replacing the heating system, thanks guys for jeopardizing the life of my girlfriend.

But the baddest part of it all is that i had to be on the street with morning hair....

Seriously, fire is not cool, it makes a mess and leaves nothing but trouble.

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