XS Update week 43

Found some time on saturday to work on my project.

After expierencing the fire thing at my girlfriends house+having the flu, spending time with my tools was a good thing.
A welder finally came to help me finishing the stainless-steel exhausts, i can help myself with MIG welding but TIG welding is not my thing, did learn a thing or 2 this day.
Added a small sissybar wich will hold my license plate, thought about lighting in the rear and welded brackets for the headlight.
As you may know, i build my bike at my friends place, he runs a paintshop for customized cars, ricers unfortunately, but he's got a lot of electronic gadgets in stock, found some really cool and very small LED lights, man these little things are damn' brite, best part of it is that these LED's are more shockresistant than conventional light bulbs.

I searched the internet for a cool solution for my exhaust, found some nice stuff but wanted to make something different. Most of the pictures i saw all had the right cylinder exhaust wrapped around the frame, all the guys i asked said it couldn't be done otherwise.
I-crazy about porkerstyle pipes- wanted to run 2 pipes above each other and straight backwards, having one of the headers run outside the frame was no option.
Did manage to run the pipes inside the frame, took me some time to find out but i managed.
Looks pretty cool, polishing the pipes will take some time i guess...

Next is to mount a dummy oil-tank, weld some more brackets, find a nice brakelight for the rear and it will be about time to think about paint and colours.

Excuse me for the crappy phone-camera pics.