BigTwin Bike Show 2007

Last weekend i visited the bikeshow at Rosmalen, actually not for the average bikes on display...I've had my share of billet, chaps, fat tires and chrome, i came for some members from the oldskoolchoppersboard wich was good fun.

I shot some lame pictures of stuff i found okay.

Actual fabrication of the gas tank for cadbike 33, designed in 3-D by "Duckman" Mark van de Kwaak and made by Aad, a true craftsman, one hell of a team, displaying awesome craftsmanship.
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Check out DBBP's homepage, all about bikes and designing

Nice Honda CB 750, turbo'd, gold plated and engraved, one of my favorites at this display

My absolute favorite Hans' Sportster, hardtailed, split rockerboxes, coooool apes and running a 23 " up front, built at and with help of Ronnie from the Iron Pit

More cool features, SU carb, magneto and awesome paint

HotDreams Speedshop creation from Spain, like the lines, love those handlebars, in general it's somehow "busy"to me

Shovel, member of the Oldskoolchoppers-board, rode his bike to the show, what they are made for, riding....

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