Cactus remote trigger testing

Last week i recieved my remote triggers, small and cheap alternative for pocketwizards, somehow a standard in wireless flash triggering.
just wanted to see if the low budget solution works. Tonight i found time and a victim to test them.

Winter is kicking in at the moment, i guess the cold affects the reliability of the triggers, maybe the batteries are somehow lame, i found a cool upgrade for the triggers and will update them as soon as i find the time.
Hopefully the firing range and sync speed will be boosted by doing the "mod".

It seems the triggers fail when i exceed the 15-20 feet range, hoping that the performance will be better after the mod, if not i'll ditch them, i really really hate it when equipment doesnt't perform the way it should.
Already thinking about ordering PW's
After all we had a nice evening, respect for my victim for withstanding the cold !