Playing around

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Sunday, nasty weather, but a cup of coffee and some flashes get me started, i've been playing around with my speedlights and some photoshop-stuff.

Below a picture of a camera i've borrowed but haven't found the time to play around with, the lack of a decent scanner wich scans the 6x6 negatives is part of that, thought i'd do something with it anyhow.

Found this one of my hard-drive, shot at the SINS show in Antwerp in 2007.
Did you notice my love for black and white ?


Sub-zero flashing

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Tonight i was asked to take some pictures of a snowboarding class.
Martijn teaches free-style snowboarding, i was able to shoot some pretty cool moves.
Click on the images so view a bigger version

Still working on my flashing-technique, i worked with 3 small speedlights, one handheld by my lovely assistant, one on the camera and one in a reflective umbrella, still struggling with the balance.(the riders however where pretty balanced, good teaching here..)

A good thing is that by doing stuff i normally don't shoot i hope to get some better results pretty soon, before i rarely used a flash, since this strobist-virus has hit me i'm eager to learn.

Fashing is cool, tonight even sub-zero...


Cactus remote trigger testing Pt.2

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This week i "modded" the cactus remote triggers, added a small antenna.
Much better now, about 80 % good fires, still didn't do the battery mod on the recievers.
Weather was better than last time, didn't freeze tonight, but it was cold and moist.
I did notice however, that when using a sliver lined bounce umbrella that the silver lining has got some influence on the triggers, when standing straight behind the just don't fire, one step to the side did the trick.
I guess i-again- was more busy with the triggers instead of getting lighting and exposure right.

Thanks to my victims, we just experimented for 30 minutes or so to end up drinking hot coffee to warm up...

I ordered a set of small 6 volt batteries, added a external power cord for my recently aquired Sb28's to decrease the recycling time and hopefully will work on exposure and lighting after that.

Still in doubt of getting some pocket wizards.....


Indoor boredom

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Indoor boredom hit me tonight, just playing with my toys...


Outdoor boredom

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Just a picture of a tree nearby, outdoor boredom

Up close.


Cactus remote trigger testing

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Last week i recieved my remote triggers, small and cheap alternative for pocketwizards, somehow a standard in wireless flash triggering.
just wanted to see if the low budget solution works. Tonight i found time and a victim to test them.

Winter is kicking in at the moment, i guess the cold affects the reliability of the triggers, maybe the batteries are somehow lame, i found a cool upgrade for the triggers and will update them as soon as i find the time.
Hopefully the firing range and sync speed will be boosted by doing the "mod".

It seems the triggers fail when i exceed the 15-20 feet range, hoping that the performance will be better after the mod, if not i'll ditch them, i really really hate it when equipment doesnt't perform the way it should.
Already thinking about ordering PW's
After all we had a nice evening, respect for my victim for withstanding the cold !


Piet's machineshop

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Some months ago i visited Piet to have some parts for my project made, besides playing with his tools i shot some pictures while explaining my wishes for how the parts should look, they came out nice, will show some details when the bike is done.

Piet, programming and explaining;
"its not hard to make something nice, it's like sculpting, just get rid of everything that doesn't look like the part you had in mind".

Machine shops and the machines, so many buttons to press, so much to f%$k up when you don't have knowledge of what you are doing or altering when pushing some buttons, i'm glad Piet knows his stuff.
Thanks man ! You made my day contributing on my project.


Glow 2007

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Eindhoven 9-18 November 2007 international exhibit about art, lights and the art of lighting, second edition. Find out more at the website;

Student Chapel

Admirant building

NRE Building



Ringlight experimental issues

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I'm experimenting with a homebuild ringlight, low-budget.
The thing consists of an old Ikea-lamp-reflector, some metallic tape, a dish and a speedlight.
Will post some results soon.
haven't found the time to do actual shooting with the light, weather is kinda bad these days, so i was bound to play indoors...


BigTwin Bike Show 2007

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Last weekend i visited the bikeshow at Rosmalen, actually not for the average bikes on display...I've had my share of billet, chaps, fat tires and chrome, i came for some members from the oldskoolchoppersboard wich was good fun.

I shot some lame pictures of stuff i found okay.

Actual fabrication of the gas tank for cadbike 33, designed in 3-D by "Duckman" Mark van de Kwaak and made by Aad, a true craftsman, one hell of a team, displaying awesome craftsmanship.
Find out more about this project @
Check out DBBP's homepage, all about bikes and designing

Nice Honda CB 750, turbo'd, gold plated and engraved, one of my favorites at this display

My absolute favorite Hans' Sportster, hardtailed, split rockerboxes, coooool apes and running a 23 " up front, built at and with help of Ronnie from the Iron Pit

More cool features, SU carb, magneto and awesome paint

HotDreams Speedshop creation from Spain, like the lines, love those handlebars, in general it's somehow "busy"to me

Shovel, member of the Oldskoolchoppers-board, rode his bike to the show, what they are made for, riding....

Find out more about this show;


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