Film dude, Film !

I got me a scanner recently and found some time to scan some medium format negatives.
Actually, i was amazed by the quality of the scan, funny, using an chemical process and end up with a digital result, kinda foolish if you really think about it.

Mamiya 645 1000s, Ilford delta 400
Shot @ bottrop 2007

The camera doesn't have a built in light meter, i usually bring a digital cam along to measure light to get correct exposure settings, my amount of respect grows and grows for those photographers that worked on film, jeez, imagine a reporter, knowing his camera and the way film behaves, knowing certain light-conditions, being able- out of experience- to work without a light meter whatsoever, working fast, changing film...imagine a reporter on a tight time schedule, working on film, capturing an event, deciding what film to use for the available lighting conditions (no, not flicking a switch here to set your iso, film remember?) racing home, developing, printing and showing up with the result, dude ! That-my friend- are the true craftsmen !
And you thought you had skills? Think about it ! Twice....