New Job

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I switched jobs.

I used to work in the office, making long days, barely time to take pictures, locked in between 4 walls, telephones and cell phones galore..

Looking out of a window, letting the day pass by without making part of it, just answering telephone calls and solving customers problems by sending out mechanics

I decided it was time to create some more spare time, i'll be travelling some, see more stuff and the best part of it, i'll work towards fixing something, instead of the ever-repeating cycle, everyday was the same, day in, day out. Creating more spare time to get my photo-assigments done was the biggest motivator

Another good thing, you bet i'll get some free lunches once in a while, working with a good friend of me, fixing kitchen machinery at a well known fastfood something :-)


Something completely different

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In between working hard at the office, wrenching on bikes and playing with camera's i like to fish.
Not the kind of fishing where people sit on their beers and lure the fish to them, no, i like to search the fish and try to get them to bit into a carefully tied artificial fly or other natural food.
I flyfish, some say it's the most difficult way of not catching anything.
Best part of it that you can almost catch any species with the flyrod, altough most fishermen stick to tradional rods and bait, it's casting the line that has most of them worried, it might be difficult but for me that's half the fun, i can always sit along the waterside or on a rivers bench when i can't walk anymore.
No, flyfishing is more active, i can lose all track of time when doing it, great relaxing stuff !

So, if almost anything is possible to catch on the flyrod, why not go for big fish in nice surroundings and in warm sunny weather ?
In 2006 we travelled to the British Virgin Islands to go after some saltwater species, bonefish to be exact, but i encountered an even bigger species, more spectacular..

Hanging onto a decent sized Tarpon (Megalops Antlanticus), man, those suckers swim fast and battle hard...

Damn sucker shit all over me once i had him...i'd be scared too, being lifted above my normal habitat after a 45 minute battle

So, after a fair battle i released the fish, as we mostly do with the caught ones, we don't fish for food (if these silver kings where edible...wich they are not..) we practice catch and release, we let the fish regain energy to pervent them being easy pray for other predators..

If you're interested in the flyfishing-stuff make sure to check out this webpage, i frequently do fishing trips with the originator of this website.


On the cover

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One of my pictures, shot at Bottrop's KustomKulture Event 2007 has found its way to the cover of Ol`Skool Rodz magazine.

I'm pretty pleased with that !

More pictures of this great event to be found on my flickr photostream;

And if you're into this stuff you must browse trough my other sets;


XS project update

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Some stuff is powdercoated, came out real nice, nice flatblack/semi-satin finished.
Did assemble some parts today.
This week i'll be having the wheels laced, do some minor work on the frame so it'll be ready for paint.
Can't wait to start assembling the parts into a bike....



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I suffer from GAS, gear acquiring syndrom, i want one of these...
I'm very impressed by the quality of photo's taken with this toy, where my other cams come up with decent quality pictures on lets say 600 iso, this clicker manages to produce tacksharp images at 1600 iso and up, pretty impressive.
Anybody's got some spare cash for me?

I seriously considered of switching to canon, their 5D gives pretty amazing results too, but switching to another brand has some issues the form of a couple of pro lenses that won't fit the other brand body..(not to mention a bunch of speedlights and other brand dependent accesoires)
I like the fullframe, lets me use my lenses what they where made for, i really like wide-angle shots, so my 20 mm will be a real 20 mm without the smaller sensor/crop factor issues..

Still thinkin about the turnaround...

Picture taken from


Project update

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Things are going slow at the moment.
Inbetween working my daytime job, doing photo-assigments and being social i still manage to work on my project on saturdays.
Finally welded the frame , added some exhaust mounts on the frame and completed the fenderstruts.
I f%$%^&d up the gastank with welding the last mounting tabs, decided to get me another gastank, one that will hold gas for a long period....

Everything is ready for paint and powdercoat, rims, hubs and small parts will be coated mattblack, the frame, gastank and fender will be in colour, we hope to start with that somewhere in the coming weeks.
Rims will become wheels again by joining hubs and rims with stainless steel spokes, the engine is now leak-proof and will breathe trough mikuni's and glassbead blasted stainless steel exhausts.
Actually the whole project started by buying a set of golden supersixties grips, the whole paint-scheme will be around those grips..

Lets hope i'll get it on the road by mid-april, when some members of a board i visit are having a party i'd like to ride it there...


Bass player

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Some days ago i did some promotional shots for a bass player.
Converted the living room to a small studio and worked with small flashes,
Hopefully the guy will start playing in a band soon so i can shoot him on stage.

I used two bare sb28 speedlights, triggered by an rf trigger, set on low power to work with a large aperture.
Postprocessed the image in CS2, converted to B&W using the channelmixer and adding some grain.

Interested in a bass player?
Visit this guy on


Bottrop 2008

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One cool event
Don't miss this one !


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