Assembly !

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What a surprise i found in the paint-boot today !
The frame had it's final coat of paint and came out very nice, a bit darker green,the previous coats where somehow too translucent so the gold basecoat was too dominant.
I'm satisfied, it's the exact colour i had in mind.

Before reading on, must say that i didn't spend time on taking prefect pictures, i was too excited to get the thing on its wheels, just in case you may notice crappy whitebalance settings or other photographic mistakes...besides, the old D2H is beginning to develop some serious metering problems, time to replace the metering print.....

Frame detail, lower tube with engine mount and mid-peg mounting hole

Frame detail, where the center tube goes downward i attached my own hard-tail section, strengthened it with a steel plate

On its wheels

Engine in place, we did make a few skratches on the frame and the new paint, nothing serious

Outside, fabricated stainless steel exhausts, polished them, i do like this look instead of the clichè header wrap

Inside the paint-boot, paint used for the frame, all HOK here

Rolled it outside, looked at it, smoked a cigarette, i think i like it a lot !

Front end, used a original XS drumbrake hub with ventilation louvres, the other side has got some rubber thingies in the hub, when riding hard, according to the owners manual, these rubbers have to be removed for better cooling of the brakes, i seriously doubt if i ever take them out.....

Outside, above, the upper header needs to get a small dent so the pipes run parallel, i also have to cut the headers to the right length, not sure if i keep em short or add some pipe to it

Still needs a lot of work, but í 'm satisfied for today.
Will work on wiring, adjusting, fastening and stuff next week, also have to work on the gastank and rear fender,and applying pressure on the guy who has to paint the parts and my helmets...
Just kidding, he's very busy but relaxed enough to take some time to experiment with paint and colour, as a matter a fact he worked really late yesterday and heated up the paint-boot to get my frame done so i could start assembling today, thanks man !

Actually, i like the bare steel tank, the tank can have it, it needs minor filler, the rear fender does need a lot of filler, so i decided to paint it all.
After paint i'll have to contact ElCheapo in Belgium for the final stuff, some lettering and pinstriping, he's pretty darn good at that stuff !


Prepping stuff

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Started working on the gastank, the previous owner coated the inside with some stuff similar to underbody coating, used paint thinner to get rid of all the coating along with lots of rust some weeks ago, let it sit in the shop in the normal mounting position filled with gas to check for leaks (wich is good, i believe, rather than concluding that a leak occurs after paint has been applied).

I also believe that the previous owner painted the tank without using primer or some sort of rust protection, after sanding a small part rust was visible, so i decided to sand it down to its bare ass.

Also sanded my helmet, will get same colour as the bike.

Frame will get it's final coat of paint in a day or two, will start assembling on Saturday, can't wait.


Second Coat, teaser

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I See green things

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I dunno why but my eye seems to spot green things the last couple of days..



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the Trashers Garage


It's not easy getting green....

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Today we played around in the paint mixing room, trying different combinations of paint and the effect of them on the white basecoat.
Gold Metajuls is the first coat

Followed by various rituals, like only mixing counterclockwise exactly 2.3 minutes standing on your left leg with one ear evesdropping on the can so the metal particles will array in the exact precise arrangement....


Another step forward !

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Frame, in basecoat, patiently waiting for it's final coat in colour and flakes.
White basecoat for a better colour effect of the paint and flakes.
Due to a different paint system this basecoat needs to fully harden to pevent any form of unwanted reaction with the final paint. would aggravate me, unwanted reactions make me give predictable reactions...

Damn it ! i want to assemble, get the thing on its wheels and kick it !


One step closer

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Finished work early today (or started too early..) to give the frame the final inspection and sanding before it moves to the paint boot tommorow, if all goes as planned (whatever that still means to me) it'll be in colour soon.


Strobing Hans`Garage

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With some nice models..
Eva, aka Miss Candy Cane, she runs a cool shop called Styletto with her sister, besides playing with fire and HotRods she also paints some impressive stuff.
Check out the store @ or visit her on MySpace
Mayke, likes to play with fire.
Both girls sure got the hang of things this day..
Maybe i'll post some more after reworking the batch.
All pictures shot with small flashes, 2 Sb 28's, 1 Sb800 in slave mode, reflective umbrella, snoot and bare flashes.
Resizing them don't do them any good !
What better way to spend a sunday afternoon ?



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Playing with home-made snoots wich consist of cardboard and black drinking straws.
2 snoot set-up, camera left and above.
Nothing special, just testing how light behaves.


XS update April 6

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Nothing really progressed, still waiting on the frame to get some paint.
The guys of the bodyshop are really busy so the paintboot is almost full during the days.
Meanwhile i just work on little stuff, polishing parts, getting nuts and bolts together.

Leadfilled the rear fender and started applying filler.
Ordered fuel taps for my aftermarket sportster gas tank, cleaned and sealed the tank, what worries me at this point is that the fuel taps have no reserve, still searching for an alternative.

Frontwheel is ready to bolt in, i used a drumbrake, the original forkleg didn't have a notch for holding this drum so i welded a notch on the legs, got rid of the old disc caliper mounting brackets for a smooth look, polished and rebushed the legs, shortened them and also shortened the inner springs, modified the original plungers in the legs for better performance.

Polished the side covers.

So, lets hope next weekend the paint on the frame is applied, i'll be making some good progress after that, it should be a simple bolt-together job from that point..
Hopefully i'll find the time since i'm very busy with working the new job and doing photo-assigments in between...



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Von Skip, cruising.
I've been following the guys of the Trashers Car Club for awhile now, these guys are in the process of building some amazing rides.
Rumour goes that a well-known HotRod is on its way over here....for now it's just a rumour, when it's a fact i'll be shooting and posting.


Ralley racing

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Eurocircuit Valkenswaard, rainy, muddy and noisey..



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It's the little things that give some scenes or cars something extra, giving away something about the owner or collector.


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