Couldn't resist

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To take a picture,
Took it for a spin, needs some minor adjustments, fixed an small oil-leak.
Next is to get it to El Cheapo, he will do some artwork on it, after that i'll do a serious attempt at taking some pics.


Commercial, Alabama style....

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Heatin' ana Beatin' Welding Service Advertisement


Damn close

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Tank's finished, needs some coating on the interior, colours came out nicer now.

Did the wiring, tested it, runs and starts without battery, everything mounted in a fake oil bag, made out of a fire extinghuisers, had my friend make a brass screw on cap for that,looks nice.
Found some nice fuse holders, all integrated in the fake oil-bag.

Will fabricate some stainless-steel fender supports, gotta work on the front end some, align the front wheel, find some decent bolts for the handlebar mounting, after that i'll take it for a spin, must be around saturady.

No more updates for now, gotta ride it, test it and shoot it, i'll be back with the results soon, very soon !


Tito and Tarantula

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Tito and Tarantula play in my hometown this week, it's about the music, don't get distracted by the anatomy of the female, by the time she'll appear over here i'll let you know too !
Damn !


Almost, almost

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Came home on friday, did a 5 mini-tour of fishing trough Germany, called my buddy on the way home wich told me that he painted some final stuff.
Lots of flakes but the colour just doesn't match the frame, he'll work on that.

Fixed some small things, adapted the generator so it will start without a battery.
Got me some fine ignition cable (thanks FD!) and it works fine.

So, i`m waiting for the final paint, will have one more day of work on the whole thing, finish the wiring and hope for for some sunny weather.
Contacted a fine model for a photoshoot of her and my bike, keep checking !

I believe now's the time to contact ElCheapo so he can schedule me in.



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Runs !

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Did my wiring yesterday, still have to put in all in place in the fake oil-bag, still not painted yet.
Did some checks on the engine (never heard it running, didn't know if it would run..), filled it with oil, adjusted some things, checked timing and stuff.
MickeyMoused some wires , filled the carbs and kicked it for the first time today, ran after 3 kicks, after exploding some fumes , scared the shit out of everyone in the shop.

It runs , runs good, idles but with my open exhausts the noise is just too much (knowing that at times i'm a kindofasocialguy) so i'll fabricate some kind of mufflers next week, have to find some other needles and jets too, the Mikuni's just give too much....

Decided to place a small battery, just for starting purposes, the alternator kit just doesn't produce enough volts while kicking to give a decent spark, once running it runs without battery and produces enough volts and current but i tend to go safe.
My buddy at the paint shop promised to have my fender, tank and other parts ready when i return from my small vacation.

Wich is good, cuz someone hit the "summer on"button over here..


Scooter wisdom

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Shooting with Angela

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For months Angela and me tried to get together to shoot some with small flashes outdoor.
Last Sunday we managed to finally do that, i arranged my nephew (who has modelling ambition and is going fast the last months) and Oxana, a really beautiful model in the evening to make use of the low setting sun.
Didn't shoot a lot myself, just gave tips and some directions, Angela had a great time a really picked up fast.

Some of my pics, no postprocessing other than resizing and removing some dust spots, still gotta work on that flare thing, happens every time..
Check out Angela's website here;


New Gear

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The 28-70 2.8 Af-D was on my wish-list for a long time, bought one today.
I just love the feel of pro-glass, built like a tank, heavy and awesome quality, cannot be compared to the Tamron 28-75 2.8 i used before, this lens gives such a smooth background and is really sharp, focusses really fast and silent, i guess i did the right thing today.

Lovely blurred but smooth background (some people like to call it Bokeh, but i'm not the kind of term and technical sounding words) similar to my 70-200, they match really well and really fill up my gear-case.

Resizing those images don't do them any good, on print or full screen the real quality will be more visible, come to think of it, using a 12,8 Mp camera taking pictures for web doesn't make any sense, in terms of efficiency you'll use about 10% for web



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Dropped by the other night .

He cruised his awesome pan right into the middle of a small session with models and another photographer.
Shot some, talked some, had a good time watching the other photographer and the models.
Must do that again some time soon.



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Awesome car, shot at SINS 2007, still wondering if there will be a 2008 show.
Visited the 2007 show and was amazed by the quality of the cars and motorcycles displayed, bunch of great people too !



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Things are getting slow, motorcycle things, that is.
Been doing bandshoots, modelshoots, lost a good buddy and have barely found the time to wrench on my project.

Checked the front end today, adjusted the front brake (pain in the a$%, 2 leading shoe)

Started on the wiring

had to re-route my clutch cable, original idea was to run it under the engine, too much curves won't let it

Fake oil bag, needs paint, will get a skid pad for the chain, will hold all electrical stuff, 2 switches and a fuse that is.
I don't run a battery, my electrical system will be very easy, if the electrical components are as good as the manufacturer claims them to be it will be a very reliable system.
Originally the xs` makes use of a rotor/stator set up with brushes, i make use of a powerdynamo set-up, basically a flywheel with permanent magnets, so current is always available without a battery, the set bolts right in, comes with a regulator and all..

Check out their cool products @

Exhaust mounting trough the frame.

Will work on the fender, tank and my helmets soon.


Candy Cane

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One more for the fans...


Positive dude !

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Seen at Queensday 2008.
Hero, if you proudly display this !


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