Runs !

Did my wiring yesterday, still have to put in all in place in the fake oil-bag, still not painted yet.
Did some checks on the engine (never heard it running, didn't know if it would run..), filled it with oil, adjusted some things, checked timing and stuff.
MickeyMoused some wires , filled the carbs and kicked it for the first time today, ran after 3 kicks, after exploding some fumes , scared the shit out of everyone in the shop.

It runs , runs good, idles but with my open exhausts the noise is just too much (knowing that at times i'm a kindofasocialguy) so i'll fabricate some kind of mufflers next week, have to find some other needles and jets too, the Mikuni's just give too much....

Decided to place a small battery, just for starting purposes, the alternator kit just doesn't produce enough volts while kicking to give a decent spark, once running it runs without battery and produces enough volts and current but i tend to go safe.
My buddy at the paint shop promised to have my fender, tank and other parts ready when i return from my small vacation.

Wich is good, cuz someone hit the "summer on"button over here..