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Takin it for a spin

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My friend runs a body shop, mostly european and japanese "sportscar"orientated.
Does a lot of bodywork and ground effect mabojambo.
Sometimes he gets some cool cars to work on, like this one, a 348 TB, we took it for a little spin around the block, nice !

Too bad you can't pop wheelies with these suckers, but you can really fry a tire !


Lack of time

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Keeps me from shooting with film.
I love it, just the smell when popping open 35mm filmcontainer, fumbling with a roll of 120 film, the stuff you gotta do, actually winding the next sheet in front of the shutter, carefully opening the camera, taping up an exposed roll, waiting for the processed result.

The surpises you find on an exposed roll, the timespan inbetween taking pictures.

Found this one, taken in Sweden 2007, next exposure was a hotrod at the dragstrip, unthinkable to find those completely different images on your cf card.Weird, but closer to the pace i like.

both shot on ilford delta 400, mamiya 645 80 mm, scan from negative


fifty eight ka-chumps...

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Thanks to Johan Urban's blog.


Almost weekend

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Last step

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Loaded the XS into a van, drove to the Antwerp area where ElCheapo runs his cool shop, talked some.
He will give it the final -all the way-touch (and i mean all the way since he basically can freak out any way he wants to with my project. I believe in giving someone freedom to work so creativity and craftsmanship will come out the most natural way, some recent work and previous work i've seen from him tells me that it'll work out just fine).

Sven, ElCheapo, one cool guy, cool shop, great ideas, creative guy !
Make sure to visit his blog some day !


Around the corner

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There was an american car meeting,
Normally i wouldn't visit these kind of meetings cuz i've had my share of flatblack Caprices, cowboyhats, linedancers and beerdrinkin' disfunctional people but this one was different.
Local car club the Trashers (http://www.trashers.nl/) where there wich was the perfect occasion to take my project XS for it's inaugural ride.
Besides that some impressive rides showed up, more and more quality cars seem to pop out of nowhere the last couple of months, wich is good.

Miniature hotrod, very detailed

Gus' shoebox, he progressed a lot !

Von Skip's second pride and joy

Goof showed up in his latest ride

Hanzl`s pick-up

One low lincoln...

Sorry guys, still no pictures of the XS, it will temporalily be housed under the roof of ElCheapo`s garage, he'll be doin`his skillfull artwork on the bike.
It ran okay, still pickin`flies out of my mouth, wonderfull feeling, good ride !


Sneek peak

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Tonight i shot one of the most wonderfull cars i've ever seen.
Saw it before on the net, still in posession of Steve Caballero, wich -in the time i was still skating- was some kind of idol.
I remember skating one of the few skateparks our little country used to have some 22 years ago, hooked on powell stuff, adoring the very scarce skateboarder magazines and walking on the brownish half-cabs.
Skateboarding was very new, nobody ever heard of an ollie, McTwist, i wasn't into cars.
Now i shoot the car owned by one of my idols back then.

How cool is that ?

Even more cooler that its now owned by a very cool, very down to earth guy living in my hometown.
Check out his website @ www.vonskip.com
Thanks dude, for giving me the privilige of shooting !


While organizing

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my desktop i found this one, shot at Speedfest 2007, great event, and wondering what it'll bring this year..


Shoot it

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Would not make someone happy if i'd picked this, shot it instead.


Revell Collector Cards `75

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Revell collector cards,
Taken from bcmacsac1's photostream on flickr, has an amazing collection of dragrace and dragrace related pictures, and some other cool stuff as well, check out his photostream;



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2 More

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From last monday.

Had a great day, thanks guys !



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Looks cool ! Bad quality picture..



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Shot this #68 Plymouth Roadrunner recently for KR8 Cruise Magazine, a car in a perfect condition, better than new, a lot of time is spend on the details wich add up to the perfection of this car.



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This probably won't make any sense for you gearheads and greasemonkeys, a building overgrown with poison ivy, looks nice on the outside but doesn't reveal its real structure, cant see an entrance as well.
I'm pretty sure i'll find that entrance soon and positive about that one person who knows what the ^%$# im talking about .
See you soon !


The Loud Mufflers, Paris

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Saturday 28 June 10h/20h
Live bands :
BRAND NEW HATE (Punk Rock N' Roll)
18h : Free Drinks
Saturday 28 June 20h/5h
Live bands :
BLOODSHOT BILL (Rock n roll one man band - Canada)
The STAGGERS (Wild garage - Austria)
JACK RABBIT SLIM (Savage Rock n roll - UK)
The TRASHMEN (Surf legends - USA)
Burlesque : MIMI DE MONTMARTRE (Paris)
Gogo girls + DJs
Sunday 29 June 10h/19h
Live bands :
BLOODSHOT BILL (Rock n roll one man band)
16u : Trophy giving
Vide grenier vintage 40's/50's/60's toute la journée.
Vintage garage sale all day long.
Reservations : Born bad - Fnac - Auchan - Virgin - Leclerc - Cultura - Carrefour - Digitick.com

More info on;


Day at the track

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Spent most of monday at Circuit Park Zandvoort, one of Netherlands` Circuits suitable for racing with motorcycles, cars and anything else that moves fast in circles.
My old employer ask me to join them for a well organised day of racing with their customers, had a great time shooting some, didn't take one of them crotch-rockets for a spin, i'll stick to cruising the hood with a hardtail...


Bottrop 2008

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Headed toward Bottrop on saturday with a couple of friends, some of them took out their bikes for a run on the german autobahn, i was kinda pissed i didn't get my own bike finished on time so i just shot some on the way over there.

Frank`s Ford Pickup

El Cheapo, rode his shovel hard !

Heino, hanging on Apeshit style !

FD, doing some sort of international sign.
a, i need to pull over and smoke me a cuban
b, the road is getting slippery
c, i'll be doing some hangliding later this day

Cute couple

On the dragstrip,
An airstrip is transformed into a temporary dragstrip, the races are just for fun, no excessive burn-outs, no timing lights or advanced equipment , just a girl starting the participants, people sitting next to the strip and enjoying, having a beer and a frankfurter, good fun !



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No comment...



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Shot a Mustang GT350 Clone last month,made it on the cover of KR8 Cruise Magazine

The owners, father and son have a impressive and still growing collection of Ford Mustang models, as we speak they own 9 models, most of them fastbacks, a Mach 1 model and this GT350 Clone.


Refreshing design

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Not my cup of tea, but a well thought design, refreshing instead of the mass produced and carbon copied chopperstyle bicycles.



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Vince, drummer, never really posed before, during a session with his girlfriend we got him into taking some poses, he did great and actually liked it.

Last Sunday i was trying some stuff, recently got me a set of Pocketwizards to fire my small flashes, they are far more reliable then the cheap triggers i used before, way more range, a 100% fire rate and they look good too.
When playing, trying out new stuff i tend not to look for the best poses or framing, i just work towards the ideas i had made up in my head, pictures above is what came out.
Lately i try different set-ups, vary with power and distance of the flashes, bare or (soft)boxed and experiment with the ratio settings, reffering to the amount of power between the flashes.
Being aware of mistakes i make i noticed something was wrong with these pictures, the person (Vince that is) doesn't really come loose from the background, he kinda blends in, gotta work on that.
Criticism is good, it'll get me where i want to go, photography is cool, playing with flashes opens up so much more possibilities, especially when you can set up your lighting any place, not being depended of power sources, thanks to Ni-MH batteries !


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