Around the corner

There was an american car meeting,
Normally i wouldn't visit these kind of meetings cuz i've had my share of flatblack Caprices, cowboyhats, linedancers and beerdrinkin' disfunctional people but this one was different.
Local car club the Trashers ( where there wich was the perfect occasion to take my project XS for it's inaugural ride.
Besides that some impressive rides showed up, more and more quality cars seem to pop out of nowhere the last couple of months, wich is good.

Miniature hotrod, very detailed

Gus' shoebox, he progressed a lot !

Von Skip's second pride and joy

Goof showed up in his latest ride

Hanzl`s pick-up

One low lincoln...

Sorry guys, still no pictures of the XS, it will temporalily be housed under the roof of ElCheapo`s garage, he'll be doin`his skillfull artwork on the bike.
It ran okay, still pickin`flies out of my mouth, wonderfull feeling, good ride !