Candy Cane Art

Candy Cane, one amazing girl, i met her doing a photo-session, some time later i found she's a talented artist as well, not just another pretty girl with great posing skills.

She paints acryl on canvas, illustrates objects and does most of her framing and framework herself.
Sometimes her real-life situations are transformed into art, like last week, driving to the shop she runs with her sister they noticed some roadkill, affected her so much she just had to paint it.

You might say they are animal-lovers and are affected by all kinds of animal abuse, being a little girl she used to pick up roadkill, carried them around in her lunchbox and give it a proper burial in their back-yard. Sweet !

But, like all art, you don't have to know the person or the story behind their works to appreciate it.

Some of her recent work:




Photos courtesy of Miss CandyCane

Check out more of her work @ MySpace

Or check out the store she runs with her mother and sister, where they sell cool clothing and of course, artwork by CandyCane, prints, paintings, postcards and objects.

One very cool piece of personalized artwork, done by Doug Dorr, one cool pinstriper and fellow artist, will be handed over to beautifull Miss Cane @ Bottrops KustomKulture event this weekend, be there !
picture courtesy of Doug Dorr