Sneek peak

Tonight i shot one of the most wonderfull cars i've ever seen.
Saw it before on the net, still in posession of Steve Caballero, wich -in the time i was still skating- was some kind of idol.
I remember skating one of the few skateparks our little country used to have some 22 years ago, hooked on powell stuff, adoring the very scarce skateboarder magazines and walking on the brownish half-cabs.
Skateboarding was very new, nobody ever heard of an ollie, McTwist, i wasn't into cars.
Now i shoot the car owned by one of my idols back then.

How cool is that ?

Even more cooler that its now owned by a very cool, very down to earth guy living in my hometown.
Check out his website @
Thanks dude, for giving me the privilige of shooting !