Vince, drummer, never really posed before, during a session with his girlfriend we got him into taking some poses, he did great and actually liked it.

Last Sunday i was trying some stuff, recently got me a set of Pocketwizards to fire my small flashes, they are far more reliable then the cheap triggers i used before, way more range, a 100% fire rate and they look good too.
When playing, trying out new stuff i tend not to look for the best poses or framing, i just work towards the ideas i had made up in my head, pictures above is what came out.
Lately i try different set-ups, vary with power and distance of the flashes, bare or (soft)boxed and experiment with the ratio settings, reffering to the amount of power between the flashes.
Being aware of mistakes i make i noticed something was wrong with these pictures, the person (Vince that is) doesn't really come loose from the background, he kinda blends in, gotta work on that.
Criticism is good, it'll get me where i want to go, photography is cool, playing with flashes opens up so much more possibilities, especially when you can set up your lighting any place, not being depended of power sources, thanks to Ni-MH batteries !