some developed film the last days.
The quality of the scans don't do the actual pictures good, like the result anyhow.

Shot with a Mamiya 645 80 mm, ilford FP film (sorry, no handy-dandy exif info here)
Somehow, it feels like cheating, i take my analogue camera with me on shoots, measure the light with my digital,(the old square box wich holds film doesn't have a built in light meter) take a shot and see if the lighting is okay, after that i take the exposure with film.
besides scanning and resizing there's no postprocessing involved, i really do like the results, you should see the actual pictures on paper, they are great !

This one i shot on 35 mm ilford Fp film, 20 mm
Shooting with this body is a lot easier, modern electronics, autofocus and light metering, still i don't know shit about film, processing and all that oldskool stuff, wish i had more free time !