This Sunday.
Greatest little meeting `round town !
Chapeaux for the burgers, free coffee and the free smiles !

Took the XS, at a slow pace, just to make sure everything worked like it should, tried to adjust my clutch since the stroke it makes is somehow to short, gotta fix that soon, moving from a dead stop is a pain, up-or downshifting is okay, and i really need a different seat since i keep slipping off, wich sucks, kind off...but still a sweet ride.

Might as well make me a new set of handlebars to get comfy, other than those small things it runs great and handles perfect.

Lot's of good critics on my "build" wich is always nice to hear, especially from a guy who builds bikes to amazing detail, thanks for the feathers Hans !

Met a lot of cool people, Frenkske showed up on his awesome panhead, wich looks like it just came rollin`out of an advertisement, one sweet bike, might do some pictures on that one soon.
Sven did the miles in his 61 Ford, good to see that smile ! Sorry i had to leave early.

Didn't bring any cameras, just a handydandy compact..wasn't into taking pictures today, had my share last week and will get my share next weeks.