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9:43 PM Limpe Iven 2 Comments

Visited Belgium on Sunday, ElCheapo brought the XS.
He did a wonderfull job on my project with freehand lettering and goldleafing, we talked some about some of my ideas and stuff that has happened over the years and this is what he came up with. I wanted him to do his "thing" as much as possible, i believe he had a great time doing it, not like the standard red and white striping everybody seems to need these days.

I like it. A lot !

I did this for myself, just wanted to have a nice bike to unwind from time to time, don't have to proof anything to anyone, didn't follow any guidelines or styles, thing came out nice.

Will be taking some more pictures, first i'm gonna ride it.


CHEAPO said...

Glad you like it Limpe....
laat maar weten of je der nog verder mee wil gaan.

FV said...

Limpe it's great.
Awesome bike

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