Gear Aquirement Syndrome-GAS

I'm getting my gear together for a small fishing trip.
Nothing motorized about that, well, we do have a rental ;-)
We'll be visiting Norway, flyfishing for Grayling, heating some sausages and havin`a beer or two, might roast a fresh caught Grayling too ( they really taste good fresh outta the river).
They smell nice too, not like fishy-fish, more like thyme, hence the official species name Thymallus Thymallus

Might take some shots over there, some i shot on previous trips seen here.
Actually, the critics on the photo's i shot while making these trips got me into photography, kinda cool to see the photo's i took and the photo's i take now, starting with a small coolpix and ending up with a suitcase full of gear with pro-lenses and bodies made 1 thing very clear.
It's not the gear.

As with many things, the gear doesn't matter that much, it's gotta be up to the task, other than that it's just gear.
Gear doesn't give you a good time, lucky for me that i travel with a good friend who understands that concept.
So much for GAS , it's about what you do with it.