Bigtwin Bikeshow 2008

This weekend the annual dutch Bigtwin Bikeshow was held.
Visited this show on Sunday.
Find the whole set-up and info here;
A good part of this show is the bikeshow-contest, where people can show off their building skills in several categories, best part is to hook up with some people and to have some fun.
I shot some.

Tjeerd`s Yamaha chop, no nonsense, really like this one !

Tjebbe`s true oldskool shovel, best of the oldskool-competition in my opinion.
Looks like he rode out of a 70`s bikermovie and planted that bike here.

Sik was there !
Sik is the man behind the greaseheadquarters-blog, check that s*%t out !

Robin`s Panhead, second place winner, one of the finest build panheads around town, a very, very clean build.

Krugger and one of his latest creations

For sale, One fin(e) chopper !

Andy, from Flying Choppers, first place winner, heading for the podium to collect his first prize on his very narrow, very detailed panhead.
Rumour`s gone round that het repainted the whole bike before travelling to The Netherlands, firts start was actually done at the show, seconds before he was called to the podium.
Talking about faith...

Early Shovel with decent lines, little too shiny in my opinion, nice anyhow !

Philip form DarkStarCustoms finished his project just in time.
Amazing job and an amazing result considering the time-span in wich he build this bike.

Diestyboy`s Panhead in new colours, different handlebars (what`s with all those panheads these days?)

I believe this was best of show, sorry, i'm not much of a competition guy, the results are not my main interest.

Absolutely the best button of show, Tjebbe`s
Period correct and universal !

Duckman, the man behind playing with Andy's Jellyroll, one sweet chopper wich is for sale.
If you are interested, contact Flying Choppers