Something technical


I`m playing with different formats lately, the 2:3 format will do most of the time.
Here i went above maximum camera syncspeed, so part of my sensor (or film for that matter) will remain unexposed (pitch black that is).
The shutter curtains travel in a vertical movement, when going above max sync speed the upper part of the image will remain unexposed, with my camera in the upper section.
I turned my camera upside down so the "unexposed" part was at the bottom of the image, taking in mind that i wasn`t able to use the full regular 2:3 frame.

There`s plenty of info on this to be found on the web in a probably more understanding writing, so please use one of those resources, i did and it was very helpfull, kinda opens possibilities, better yet, when actually doing it, it will stick. You will refine that technique or possibility by yourself.

read this;

I guess its kinda cool that people share.