Speedfest 2008, one more night...

8:13 PM Limpe Iven 2 Comments

This years Speedfest (edition number 3, 2008) will have another carshow, hosted by The Trashers CarClub, preparations are mostly done by now.
It`ll be a great show during the day and night.
If you`re into loud music,HotRods, Kustoms and other neat cars the you`d better make sure to visit Speedfest 3.
Oh ! and have a beer !

Drove my motorcycle to put it on display, kinda chilly today...

Gasser from Rodshop on display (http://www.rodshop.nl/)

The guys from Forbidden Paradise where called in this year for a live carving show.
They will be transforming a huge log into a work of art, great fun to see, masters at work.

Kai, preparing the huge log.
Visit those guys and see their amazing work and craftsmanship at http://www.forbidden-paradise.com/


Wish I was there already!

C u 2morro



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