One from last wednesday, shot at VonSkip's garage.
I think i want a studio, a permanent one, working with mobile backdrops really sucks, too much effort.
Working with the speedlights on the other hand is really cool, very, very flexible despite their small output power compared to the big net-powered studio lights, the pocket wizards are a big plus, no hassle with cables.
This combination of small lights and the lack of wires and stuff really works, moving a light source closer or further away from your subject is done with ease, since the total weight of your light source/lamp-post is nothing compared to the bigger studio stuff.
Not having to deal with the equipment really works nice.
FWIW, i used a big shoot-trough umbrella , 1 bare sb28 speedlight and one snooted sb28.

I realize that ranting about this technical photo-stuff may not live up to the status of being listed on the biker.blogspot list but actually i don't give a &*%$!

More to come the following days, stay tuned
Wether referring to that biker stuff or not, all the same to me.