It all ends

5:43 PM Limpe Iven 1 Comments

Just like the four stroke cycle, everything ends.
Wich is good and in some cases the goal.
50 percent of the 2-stroke cycle is usefull, the other might seem a waste.
75 percent of the four stroke cycle might sound useless.
Stopping for gas in a crazy ride might seem a distraction.
Set your goals but don`t try to get rid of the things that may seem useless, they are part of the cycle.
Happy Holidays !
Oh, and if you might get bored, check out Guzzmen`s blog, one of the latest additions in this virtual world.


Guzzmen said...

Hey Bro,

Thx for the support and add to your
favourites makker.
Hope next year 'll bring You the the same fun as last year.
See you next time .

Cheers Nico

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