Speedfest 2008

One week later, my ears still hurt some..
Speedfest was one great party, great carshow, great bands, great people, i had a great time.

The guys from Forbidden-paradise with their finished Tiki, its huge !
It was awesome to see the huge log being transformed in a work of art.

Batmobile playing hard

Headbangers party

Polle, leadsinger of The Butchers (I really didn`t know this member of the Trashers Car Club was a member of this band, let alone the volume he produced during the kick-off of Speedfest 2008).
Dude !

Live Tiki-carving at the car show.
Had a great time, met some cool people, shot a ridicoulos amount of pictures of bands, people and cars, you'll have to wait on some more results cuz` something really nice is going to be done with those pics.