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UK based Neal Reed is the man behind Retrophoto.

Retro may stand for old things that become populair again,
Neals photographic skills and passion for photography-in my opinion- is timeless,
driven, like many of the subjects he likes to shoot.

Eager to learn new stuff,mastering old techniques, describes himself as self-thaught, self-made maybe, monitoring the latest new digital development or carrying around an old shoebox with a piece of film attached to the back of it to experiment with pinhole-photography Neal gets the pictures he wants.

Motivates others as well, inspires some too.

Lots of leading HotRod and Kustom related-magazines have published work of Neal;

Customcar, ClassicAmerican, OlSkoolRodz, HotRodGazette
to mention just a few, even some photographic-related magazines, and the interest for his work is still growing.
No wonder if you breathe photography.

No wonder he couldn't hide himself anymore slapping exposed paper trough self-mixed illuster chemicals in a self-built darkroom, working behind a computer screen, or exposing rolls of medium format film trough single or twin lenses, real talent cannot hide for long.
Never could, never can, never will.

He's not limited to automotive related subjects, browse trough his portfolio and be amazed by the fine work on bands, concerts and portraits all with the right "feel".

Find him trough or bump into him at the flickr website like i did.

All pictures displayed here are copyrighted by Retrophoto, Neal Reed.
Learn how to get one of his pictures by visiting his website.


Stuff for sale, cool stuff

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Tristan, owner of KARS has got some stuff for sale.

#52 Triumph Chopper, needs to have the gearbox aligned, needs to have some wiring repaired.

1949 Shoebox 2dr ,lots of extra parts, jag axles front and rear (build as dailydriver).

1928 Citroen p-u (looks like model A) if you like him to, he can build the rolling chassis or the complete rod (he's got all all the parts, needless to say he's very skillfulled and gets the job done)

351w Blower engine with new C6 tranny and vintage build up (intended for the shoebox)

He's also in the process of building a `65 Cuda Gasser "Something's Fishy! "
318 with tunnelram ,ported heads, fenderwell headers etc.
Ford p-u rear stiffdiff, econoline front axle, built to drag, will be finished in sea-blue flakes with goldleaf lettering like it should be.

If you are interested in some of the stuff he's got "up" for sale or the whole bunch make sure to contact him @ go trough his website, be amazed by the quality of work he delivers, wether it's a paintjob chop-job or a ground-up rebuild or build, he's the guy you want to have it done !

Or get in touch with him by visiting his website, to be found on

When available i will post some pics of the other stuff for sale.


Talent comes in many forms

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In this case in the person of Joey Lawrence,
A young but very, very, very talented photographer.

Visit his portfolio, be amazed !
I was.



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Seen in Tortola 2006, kinda made me wonder...


Things can change in a day....

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Yesterday i wondered why this never got to be published.
(I was going trough some articles the other day, never got any response on this one)
Today the publisher called me, so consider his a preview pic..

One of the cleanest rides in the neighboorhood.
Watch for it in KR8 Magazine, this really is a bad-ass ride !

And hey, don't hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call if you feel your ride is magazine-worthy !


Look what i got mother....

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Should i tell her ?

Seriously, i've been collecting since i was eighteen, still working on my back, it's a tribute to someone i really loved but passed away, decided to leave us and never had the chance to get that dragon done, guess it was a cool thing to get it for him.
I'm proud in a way, sorry too, my burden,my pain.



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ECKW, short for ElCheapo Kustom Works

El Cheapo
Pinstriper, signpainter, photographer, copywriter, mechanic, Scraper*, gearhead, but most of all a great creative artist.

What it comes down is this;
Any surface that paint will stick to can be transformed
into a work of art
when undergoing the ElCheapo treatment,
you can expect a style and design that is inspired by the stuff that surrounds him: Cars, Kustoms, Cool motorcycles, Musical instruments, Roadtrips, Beercans, Tools, Garages , Grease, Gasoline,Oil (you'll get it by now..)and will reflect the bare basics of the scene and the people involved.
Besides his skills and creativity he's a great guy too !

Amazing to see the pinstriping art in progress, lines, perfectly shaped, coming together in a reflected/symmetric pattern, the artist is somehow restricted in the build up of the pattern due to the fact that he needs his fingers in the process, thinking ahead..
I believe that pinstriping is more than adding some lines of paint, the whole design and choice of colours must add something to the whole object being pinstriped, balanced.

One thing that amazes me that EC can still paint those tight lines after a good night of partying hard, amazing, really !

One Kool artist's toolbox !

Kustom tight space lettering ? No problems !

Visit ElCheapo on or on to see more of his impressive work, or to contract him to have some real artwork done on your car, Kustom, bike(human or engine powered) or basically anything that has something like a surface that paint will stick on.

*A Scraper refers to a person being member of the Scrapers Car Club
to be found on


Busted Knuckle Garage-shoot

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Last Sunday i visited the Busted Knuckle Garage nearby my hometown to do some shooting.
Mayke wanted to model and a had a great day, she did a great job !
Thanks guys, for letting us use the garage, the cars, the tools and the company.
Did i mention you make lousy coffee? :-)
Visit their garage @, they sell a bunch of cars, service them too !


Twisted Steel benefit art show

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Check out this benefit art show @


Flying Dutchman

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FD, gearhead, mechanic, daredevil, world-traveller, photographer.

Check out his Blog@ or buy a motorcycle related magazine, chances are you'd be looking a photo shot by him.
Its about time he showed up with his latest bike to shoot some !


Backyard BMX

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Back in the eighties, we had this huge house with a huge backyard.
Unfortunately we couldn't pave parts of the backyard so our dream skate park never came.
So my brother (+RIP) switched to BMX-ing, from pieces of scrap he'd built this ramp and practiced, practiced and practiced some more.
Eventually, when we travelled to one of the ramps that where within range he'd take his bike and got pretty good at riding vertical.
Pretty cool back then, BMX-ers and skaters sharing a ramp.

Picture taken by my brother, scan from print.


Flycasting instructional

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Last weekend i shot some for a really great flycaster, Bart.
Purpose was to get some clear instructional shots for an article in flyfishing magazine.

This guy knows his way with a flyrod, he's a certified instructor and in my opinion one -if not so the- of the best casters in our country and beyond.
Cannot display more untill the article is "up".

Check out his website, if you're into this stuff, he's the guy to contact to boost your flycasting skills


Film dude, Film !

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I got me a scanner recently and found some time to scan some medium format negatives.
Actually, i was amazed by the quality of the scan, funny, using an chemical process and end up with a digital result, kinda foolish if you really think about it.

Mamiya 645 1000s, Ilford delta 400
Shot @ bottrop 2007

The camera doesn't have a built in light meter, i usually bring a digital cam along to measure light to get correct exposure settings, my amount of respect grows and grows for those photographers that worked on film, jeez, imagine a reporter, knowing his camera and the way film behaves, knowing certain light-conditions, being able- out of experience- to work without a light meter whatsoever, working fast, changing film...imagine a reporter on a tight time schedule, working on film, capturing an event, deciding what film to use for the available lighting conditions (no, not flicking a switch here to set your iso, film remember?) racing home, developing, printing and showing up with the result, dude ! That-my friend- are the true craftsmen !
And you thought you had skills? Think about it ! Twice....


All the best for a new year

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