XS update March 22

9:30 PM Limpe Iven 1 Comments

Filler applied on the frame after hours of sanding the tough epoxy primer down.
(notice the custom-made bodywork on the background i'll be running a huge formula one style spoiler on the rear, had some ground-effect skirts made, thinking about neon lights under the frame..duh !)

Did some polishing on the stainless steel pipes, and yes it is crappy welding there, gotta start practicing at some point..)

The shifter knob in primer

Today`s best part was playing with colours and flakes, still figuring out the right combo.
I really like some 70`s colours, it's gotta be over the top since this bike doesn't fit any nowadays standard, it`s not a bobber, racer, bratstyle, i don't run a harley engine or triumph pre-unit and its gotta be something more than "just another XS".
It's mine !
Besides, i never fitted in any standard whatsoever...

Hope to get the frame in colour this week, start assembling, making wiring, meanwhile applying pressure on the guys to prep my gastank and fender and get the final paintjob..


Xs update March 21

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Frame was coated in epoxy-primer yesterday, been sanding it down today, filling little dents with filler, will get another coat of filler tomorrow.
Sanding sucks, i hate dust !
It should have been a lot easier if i had the frame powdercoated but i want something different.
Browsing trough a lot of bike pics the last days i noticed almost every frame is just black..

Engine is almost ready, still have to polish the side covers, added a externally mounted oil-filter for some extra oil, will be mounted under the seat, i thought about getting brass oil lines but the effort is just to much, overdone, i'll stick to plain rubber hose.

Gas-tank and fake oil tank made of an old fire-extinguisher, patiently waiting for paint..

Let's hope the actual paint will be applied soon, it all depends wether or not the paint-boot is available, since i build the thing in my buddy's body-shop.

Still searching for some small parts, desperately need some fuel taps for that japanese sportster gastank, also a seal for the filler cap and some small velocity stacks.
So i guess it's coming along, slow but i'll get there.
And since the weather is crap at the moment i'll just spend time in the shop...snowing today, sick!


Small flashes

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March 8th, location: 013 Tilburg

Together with 8 photographers, all from the "flickr"community we had the possibility to shoot in Tilburgs 013, a concert hall.
Purpose of this get-together was to share and learn experiences of working with small flashes, also called speedlights.
Where i normally used to carry bags of studio equipment, generators, wires and heavy flash heads we all showed up with a camera, 2 speedlights, 2 lightstands and 2 umbrella's (along with some home built gadgets like small snoots and a packs of coloured gels).
Working this way has a lot of advantages, first of all it's light, it all packs in a small bag, second, there's no wires to trip over since the speedlights are triggered wireless, third; you can change a set-up or location very fast since it's a lightweight and there's no wiring, it's easy to place the small speedlight anywhere you want, clamp it, set it up on a lightstand or just position it on the floor.

There are also some disadvantages, like the lack of a modelling light, the overall amount of light (speedlights don't have the same power compared to a studio flash head), but with a litle brain the results that can be very nice.
Click on the images for a bigger version.

1 speedlight set up, balanced to the available light above the bar

2 speedlight set-up, 1 bare behind model
1 in a reflective umbrella camera left
( to give you an indication, the speedlights power settings are set on 1/8th power)

I couldn't resist placing the model in a area where enough light was available to work without flashes...hey, that's me, never stick to the program..

Thanks to Eline this day produces very productive shots
If you ever need a model contact her on;



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This request;

Wanted: Heart Surgeon for 1/2 Day Gig - No Pay
Date: 2007-11-26, 11:55AM ESTHi, I need a triple bypass surgery and want to have it done ASAP. We don't have any funds at the moment, but I'll have a friend videotape the whole procedure, and you can have a copy of the DV tape. We're also planning to pitch the idea to some honchos at HBO, so you'll be in on the Ground Floor! It shouldn't take more than 6-7 hours. No amateurs - Experienced Heart Surgeons ONLY!
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: no pay

To your question why i charge you for the stuff i do..

Makes sense ?


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