Pulp Fiction in 5 Seconds

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Great helmet !

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Roel`s Mercury

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Shot Roel's Mercury yesterday, some previews.
Did a lot of shooting the last couple of days but cannot /will not /may not show the results for now.


Get yours !

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It's about done

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Visited Belgium on Sunday, ElCheapo brought the XS.
He did a wonderfull job on my project with freehand lettering and goldleafing, we talked some about some of my ideas and stuff that has happened over the years and this is what he came up with. I wanted him to do his "thing" as much as possible, i believe he had a great time doing it, not like the standard red and white striping everybody seems to need these days.

I like it. A lot !

I did this for myself, just wanted to have a nice bike to unwind from time to time, don't have to proof anything to anyone, didn't follow any guidelines or styles, thing came out nice.

Will be taking some more pictures, first i'm gonna ride it.


A day at the beach

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Had a great time on the beach today.
Eline wanted some sea-side shots, so we headed for a quite piece, my weather prays where heard, had sunshine enough.
Shot a lot with a small speedlight, just one, bare, with lots of wind and a lack of an extra pair of hands using an umbrella would have launched the thing toward the UK.

Downside of shooting on a windy beach is that all the gear is filled with sand and i had to drive home with wet socks and shoes....
Had a great day, Eline gave it her best



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Heading for the dutch coast this afternoon, gonna shoot a girl on the beach, prayed for better weather.


Get well soon !

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For someone very special, scared the s$%t out of me last night.
Hope to see you soon ! Hang in there !


Sik`s here too !

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Check it out !


Bug Killer

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Got me one of these, annoying pesky bugs where bugging me, hence the name "bug".
Lovely sound when something hits it



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Got this tank delivered today, send by Rusty, always wondered how he got his nick.

Photo-related; gave me the opportunity to play some with tungsten settings on my cam, lit the tank with a snooted, gridded homebuilt thingie, cto gel filtered, basically comes down to this, ambient is turning out blue due to the tungsten settings, everything that reflects the cto gelled light from the flash comes out naturally coloured


Model A Sedan

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Heating rubber and asphalt.
Taken late in the afternoon, playing with ambient, 2 small flashes at half power


Dixie Dynamite

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Santa Cruz

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Around the time this movie came out (no youtube - only vhs tapes) i was still skating myself, i remember visiting a skatepark in Germany, Munster i believe and running into a guy who was being sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards.
I bought a deck from him, turned out he fabbed it in the factory, using a non-existing model and a bod-boyle print, did the lettering himself..

My point is, i cannot remember the name of the guy, anybody can help me in the right direction ?


Hot Rod Hayride `08

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Visited the Hot Rod Hayride overseas last weekend.
We drove, had my first expierence with the tunnel, works great, fast too.

Downside was our lack of expierence with driving left, missed a couple of turns, did some extra miles, on arrival the weather turned to "typical English" wich is wet..after all, it is the place where they invented rain and still test it on regular bases....
Unloaded Frank`s rod and headed for the track, unfortunately it ran out of gas, after we got it running thanks to the help of one helpful English guy we decided to let the track for what it was.(turned out the helper had his share of building cars and motorcycles-a good thing, finding this man ! he runs a nice website too, http://www.mankymonkeymotors.co.uk/ take a look at it , nice stuff)

The meeting was kinda cool, did see a lot of real nice cars and motorcycles, one thing that amazed me the most that everybody runs what they own, no nonsense, they really ride, hard !

Night scene

One nice flathead powered rod.

Motorcycle, did what it was intended do, regardless of terrain or weather condition

Panhead decals

Panhead sickle, not afraid of rain

Some more pictures in my flickr photostream; http://flickr.com/photos/limpix/sets/72157606671902548/

Make sure to check out Neal'`s Photo's;
Browse trough his other sets, it's worth it !


Dutchman, flying

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FD, doin`the anti-gravity thing, non-motorized


Sneak Peek

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Yesterday i visited Frank to shoot his latest car, i was surprised to find his collection of cars, motorcycles and impressive machinery, Frank runs a machineshop and sure has got some skills, built a nice panhead too, will shoot that one later.

We tried some burnouts, succesfully, will post some later, gotta keep some stuff exclusive..


Great paintjob

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Seen at SINS 07.
Can't wait for the 09 version, check out the Scrapers blog for more info

In the meantime i'm anxious to see how my own motorcycle will turn out, i've seen some teaser pics of the artwork being applied, can't wait to see the finished result.


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