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Autumn kickin`in and i was behind my desk, doing lots and lots of pp work.
Figured that i had a motorcycle in my shed, still gotta get used to that.
Decided to enjoy the weather, drove up to a town i used to live and enjoyed the changing of colours while riding small backroads, great !
Took some pictures for the sake of it, noticed that my licensplate was missing...don`t care, i'll get a new one..lucky me, i didn't get pulled over...oops.


Hillbilly Math!

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Why i switched jobs...

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Killer boots !

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Duckman posted this one ..love them boots...


Shootin` @ VonSkip`s garage

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Had a session last night, she never modelled before, i thought she had a "classic"look, tried to bring it forward in this shot. She did great !
Some more results in the near future.

Thanks Geert, for lettin`us use the garage !



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Martin's XS chop, archived.


Gassers rule !

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I was surprised to see my hits go up all of a sudden, some research learned me that Mark from DBBP.com added me on his F.V.B. list, always nice to learn that cool people read my stuff.

Duckman, carrying a Knuckle engine, find out why @

Make sure to check out his website on cool bikes, projects, killer 3D design and fabrication, one of the most up to date motorcycle related website i know. A resourch as well !



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This Sunday.
Greatest little meeting `round town !
Chapeaux for the burgers, free coffee and the free smiles !

Took the XS, at a slow pace, just to make sure everything worked like it should, tried to adjust my clutch since the stroke it makes is somehow to short, gotta fix that soon, moving from a dead stop is a pain, up-or downshifting is okay, and i really need a different seat since i keep slipping off, wich sucks, kind off...but still a sweet ride.

Might as well make me a new set of handlebars to get comfy, other than those small things it runs great and handles perfect.

Lot's of good critics on my "build" wich is always nice to hear, especially from a guy who builds bikes to amazing detail, thanks for the feathers Hans !

Met a lot of cool people, Frenkske showed up on his awesome panhead, wich looks like it just came rollin`out of an advertisement, one sweet bike, might do some pictures on that one soon.
Sven did the miles in his 61 Ford, good to see that smile ! Sorry i had to leave early.

Didn't bring any cameras, just a handydandy compact..wasn't into taking pictures today, had my share last week and will get my share next weeks.


Trashers CC

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Will host the HotRod&Custom Show at the 3th annual Speedfest.
Rumours going round that they`ll have some motorcycles on display as well.

Line up and more info on www.peterpanspeedrock.nl/speedfest.swf
Find the Trashers at www.trashers.nl



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Seen on a meeting nearby, couple of months ago,
Artyfarty postprocessing.


Pitch it sideways, at 120 ?

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Some cool footage !


World's Smallest Supercharged V8

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You do suck !

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Found on the web

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Ahmmm, no thanks...


Back from Norway

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Took the plane towards Oslo, picked up a rental (booked the smallest size car, we knew they didn't have that one in stock so we got a free upgrade to a midsized stationwagon, nice !) and headed towards one of Norways bigger rivers, one hell of a drive in the middle of the night...but hey, we made it.

Dumped our gear in a wooden shack on a small camping.

Flyboxes filled to the max

Shack had a small heater, fuel was to be taken by yourself, nice !

Off to the river, fishing was good when the sun showed up, first days where misty and cloudy, wind blowing trough the valley but we managed to catch some decent sized and numbers, only grayling though.

Coffee is made by making a fire, take some water from the river and heat it up..
Same for the lunch, catch a fish, clean it, wrap it and heat it, no taste better then a freshly caught fish

Headed towards the south again after a couple of days, visited a friend who moved to Norway, works as a network engineer over there, this is his backyard...spacious huh ?
Sometimes the moose are visiting, it's their backyard too...

Went to the shooting range, just for the sake of it, started with small ammo to get the hang and feel of it, upgraded to the serious stuff after we warmed up and got comfortable with the gear

Some serious shit here....but common, those guys really do hunt for food from time to time.

I actually hit some of the targets, amazing from the distance we took shots..

Did some sight seeing, found this Rambler behind a shack

My head's empty again, the hard drive still pumping pictures, washing machine is doing overtime.
Might as well go wrench on my motorcycle, get it ready for sunday, a cool small meeting is planned, Sven might be doing some final touches, great !


Up North

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For a week and a half.


Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Just a lame day

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Just a lazy saturday, dropped by the Trashers, checking progress on their projects, got schooled in Tig Welding some more by Hanzl, great shit !


Neat engine

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I like this, click it !


Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

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Very old Big Mac 70's commercial

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Gear Aquirement Syndrome-GAS

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I'm getting my gear together for a small fishing trip.
Nothing motorized about that, well, we do have a rental ;-)
We'll be visiting Norway, flyfishing for Grayling, heating some sausages and havin`a beer or two, might roast a fresh caught Grayling too ( they really taste good fresh outta the river).
They smell nice too, not like fishy-fish, more like thyme, hence the official species name Thymallus Thymallus

Might take some shots over there, some i shot on previous trips seen here.
Actually, the critics on the photo's i shot while making these trips got me into photography, kinda cool to see the photo's i took and the photo's i take now, starting with a small coolpix and ending up with a suitcase full of gear with pro-lenses and bodies made 1 thing very clear.
It's not the gear.

As with many things, the gear doesn't matter that much, it's gotta be up to the task, other than that it's just gear.
Gear doesn't give you a good time, lucky for me that i travel with a good friend who understands that concept.
So much for GAS , it's about what you do with it.


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