The Letterfreak

I visited the guys from "The Letterfreak" recently.
They are responsible for the large format prints on display at Dudok Rotterdam.
Part of my running Expo (
They have a very nice printing facility, office and workshop in one location.
Imagine printers and plotters buzzing resulting in large format prints or signs, phones ringing all the time, the smell of 3M foil and coffee... the sound of heat-guns buzzing away, heating foil to be applied on curved surfaces, they do complete cars too !

Recently they laid their hands on film-negatives wich consist of images of Marylin Monroe, never before published, some great images, really cool stuff, seen above is a large format print on a piece of wall wich just looks awesome, truly amazing quality !

Contact those guys for one of these prints !

As from today you can order prints from my photographs on any media, in any size.
Mail me for info and rates on the possiblities !

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Maybe you like one of the pics on this blog, just get in touch, me and the guys from The Letterfreak will get you the highest quality available !