Sucker for green

Remember this post?

Duckman (Mark vander Kwaak) has finished digitizing this knuckle engine, digitally adapted it so it can hold 2 linkert carbs.
Duckman and Aad (a madly skilled mechanic and fabricator )did the adaption of the actual engine, wich is kinda cool, designing AND building what you design, and when those builds look as good in metal as they do on a computer-screen it`s no wonder that you steal some awards when entering a bike-building contest...
So when you have that design digitized, why not design a completely new bike around it ?
Wich is exacty what Mark did.

70`s style influenced trike design with the dual carb knuckle engine.
On request in a cool green colour, i`m a sucker for green stuff...I for one would like to see this one being build...

Mark`s working with a new program (hypershot) wich can render the design in a cool surrounding.
Just recently he posted a rendering of a cad-bike in a natural setting, you`ll have to look twice to see that is "just" an rendering..
Awesome !
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