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Strange view.

Fed up with rain, cold and this crappy weather.
Feel like riding.
Meanwhile thinking about new handlebars, apes look cool but i built this one for riding, apes gotta go, might even go back to clutching by hand, shifting by foot.
Must be the age thing...
ElCheapo had a small Z laying around, borrowed that one for checking, built by Guzzmen


Guzzmen said...

`S lookin` mighty fine bro,
What a craftsmanship :)those
Z`s ...

Cheers Guzzmen

A great bike. But, if it's built to ride, it's built to ride...
But looks fantastic with apes and hand shift...

Bird said...

I loved my jockey shift setup on my XS chopper too. With Apes, clubmans, drag bars, or any setup I had. But my favorite setup was the low, wide dirt bike bars that came off of a Honda CR250. Just the right amount of leverage to really tear around on.
However... as much as I loved that jockey shift setup... I think the next XS chopper I build will be foot shift again. I just really loved the control I have for sliding!
Love the bars man.

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