Kid in a candy store

I`m not a gear addict, not the kind that needs the latest new stuff.
My equipment suits me just fine, at least that what was i thought untill i shot some concerts recently.
The performance on high iso levels just simply sucks with the gear i carry.
So i went in search of the high-iso performance hype that the big names somehow use as a marketing trick...i thought wrong again...not much of a trick here.

My local toy store let me do some playing this evening with a D3 ( and some new objectives like the 14-24 f2.8 wich i instantly fell in love with) and i`m f*&^%ing amazed...
Somebody got a shitload of cash floating around cuz this kid wants some candy !

D3 Iso 6400 12-24 f2.8
Opened the file with Irfanview, opened again with photoshop, standard noise reduction settings...
I`ll be saving....
Some more interesting stuff when the iso isn`t much of an issue; you can keep your flash output power on the lower side, saves batteries, the other way around you get more light out of your flashes, flexible !