Drachten Dragraces Pt.1

Visited the Dutch Drachten Nationals on Saturday
The rain didn`t leave till mid-day, after that it was all good
Some pics;

Starting help.


Awesome sound !

Business end of Roel`s BelAir, he ran this new car (formerly owned and raced by Henri Joosten) for the first time and was kinda anxious how it all turned out, me too...

Heating up tires for his first competition run

After the run, a straight run, all by the book, looked flawless, impressive time
Roel ended up taking first place.
Congrats ! Impressive !

Also new on the track was this BelAir from John Gerritsen, car and driver did good, had to get used to each other but set a very nice time
Car looks awesome.
Too bad that he could only run it once during Saturday, a crash of one of the competitors at the end of the day ended raceday 1.
Just before the crash i was directed to the other side of the track, unfortunately a fellow photographer was mildy injured during the crash, talke dto him afterwards, he`s okay.
Photographed the crash frame by frame, do not want to publish the results, photography is something else for me.

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