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Sometimes the social network services like myspace and others bring you good things.
I stumbled upon the pictures of Christian some time ago, followed him ever since, on the lookout for more of his detail shots, they really stand out, mostly unaltered photographs.

Just recently we had some e-mail conversation since i`m always interested in the man or woman behind the pictures, a 27 year old male from Phoenix Arizona in this case...

Bits and pieces;
I found an interest in photography at a fairly young age using a canon 35mm i borrowed from an older cousin. Later, I took a couple of photography classes while in highschool and started to focus more on detail oriented shots, rather than overview images.

Started skateboarding at 11 and my life long interest in hotrods, motorcycles and everything vintage took over at 15, so it kind of all tied together with my photography.

The cost of film processing went up, i was shooting less and less, during at wich time i played around with pinstriping and pen-drawings.
In 2006 i got a little 6 Mp Kodak point and shoot. I had forgotten how much i loved taking pictures, and that camera was all it took to remind me.
Since then i have stepped up to my Canon 40D and spend as much time as possible travelling to shows and events, or just ging to friends` shops to capture whatever i can.

Had photo`s published in Dice and Iron Horse magazine, participated in a couple of group gallery shows.

Check out his blog, still in the process of building up, but worth it, great photography !
Oh, and if you need a new shirt, vintage furniture, hotrod-stuff or anything cool, check out the shop he runs with his girlfriend

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