Drachten Dragrace Pt.2 picdump

Roeler, reducing speed with the help of 2 giant purple bra`s

Awesome V8 powered Toyota Starlet

And leaving hard too !

One giant hairdrier, used for drying the track after rain

55 Bel-Air posing

Sandro Bellio laying down some rubber

Paul Vrind hauling

John Gerritsen`s Bel-Air

Bee in a hurry

So, once again i visited the Dutch Dragracing scene
Saturday seemed the best option cuz the weather always sucks, rain left around 11.00, preparing and racing began and lasted till 21.00
Had great fun with the guys from The Roelers team, shot some nice pics and inhaled rubber, nitro, gasoline in a great atmosphere.
Had the most tasty beverage ever reached out to me by Arnie, seems he`s promoting this stuff over here ;-) whens he`s not bbq-ing chicken wings or assisting staging
Thanks guys !