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Heating rubber, Drachten Finals 2009


Halfway there

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Great shot

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Stolen from the net, source unknown


Drachten Dutch Dragracing, The Finals

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Visited the Goodridge Dutch Dragracing finals this weekend.
Had a blast, good weather, great people and even better racing !
Unfortunately Roel, who i`ve been following since the beginning of this season didn`t come as far as i hoped, he however, did come a long way.
Impressive result considering the fact that he`s racing a higher class and a new car.
Visit him on http://www.roeler.blogspot.com/

Some more randomly selected pictures, i shot quite a few.

whoaaaa, nelly !

Make sure to visit the organisation who make this event happen every year, it`s ran by volunteers who do an amazing job !


Back from the Finals

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Just got back from the Dutch Dragracing Finals.
A big difference with Drachten 1 and 2 was the weather, wich was very very good, lots if sun so a lot of visitors attented the Finals.
Some more pics soon
Here`s Jean Dulamonts dragster at the end of the strip, cooling down some.


2.0 on Monday

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Worked some on project 2.0, got me some more parts the other week.
Filled the gap in the frame`s neck with some thick steel plate

Up next is mocking up the tank, after that i will be drilling some holes, want to see the tank sitting on the frame before i decide where the holes-and how much and what size- will be.
slow, but making some progress


First pics

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Played some with the higher iso`s tonight
1250 20 mm converted jpeg from raw file, resized.
nice !


New Toy

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Picked up my new camera today, finally the fullframe i wanted so bad
Rules at high ISO, had a feeling sometime ago not to buy DX objectives, good choice, i`m happy now.
Being a sucker for wide angle shots my wide angle objectives perform way different now, gotta get used to that... we`ll see


Some SINS bike shots

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Dug up from the archives.
High ISO performance of my camera sucks, kindasortof...
See next blogitem


Radicalimon !

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Mellow Cat
The character created by Ted Richards, spiced up Skateboarder Magazine during 1978 trough 1981.
Based upon a true person.
Brings back memories, flipping trough that magazine.

check out Ted Richards`s website http://www.tedrichards.net/
Cool covers !


Iron Pit`s latest

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Flawless build.
From the crew at Iron Pit


Floris Velthuis

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dropped by to shoot some
talked some phototalk, about gear and stuff and about motorcycles in general.
you could expect that i`d bring a camera as well, so i shot some of him shooting my bike
Chances are he`ll be posting some results on his blog or write an article to match.
That`s what Floris does best, shooting motorcycles for magazine-features, his portfolio is growing every day.

Visit Floris`Blog @ http://blog.florisvelthuis.nl
Thanks man, you did a great job !



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for sale.
worked on the engine, new rings, new valve seals
not that it really needed the work



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Mondaynight pic

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I`m in black and white mode again....... black and white tells the truth


2.0 on sunday

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Some more work on 2.0, the weather Sunday kind off sucked, i was in doubt wether to work on the bike or to build me a boat....

Cleaned the frame some more, added some tubing to the neck for reinforcement, bended some round bar, plan on filling the space between upper frame tube and neck with a metal plate, drill it with holes or something, not sure

Took some more measurements of the "old" bike, need to know how much the tank has to drop..
being busy with this metal stuff is great.


Made a start

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Finally found some time to work on project 2.0 today
Shaved the frame from unwanted brackets and rear frame, opened up the neck of the frame,
took some measurements for new brackets.
Noticed that the gastank was way to wide, and needs to drop over the toptube some, also gotta fill 2 petcock holes, will be using only 1.
Planning on running 1 carb.
did some searching on bearing measurements for the spool hub/axle combo, will have to pay a visit to the machine shop, planning on combining that when i lowered the inner fork tubes so we can work on those as well.

Angle grinding is a bitch, still spitting out pieces of metal and picking dark coloured boogers....


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