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Some time ago i started a group on Flickr, just to see what people come up with, pictures of choppers, anything old-skool.
The term "Old-Skool" is becoming vaguer and vaguer in the motorcycle scene, most of the time i have to delete lots of pictures of evo-powered bikes with their front fender removed, or red rimmed creations that carry the title old-skool, or bobber for crying out loud...
Not that i have anything against them but they go beyond, or don`t reach my intentions on why i started that group, i`ve had my share of red-rimmed, fenderless or -forgive them- fat tired billet clad bikes.
But there`s hope,
Some time ago a guy who calls himself Soulside uploaded some great pics from way back.
Really great stuff !

Pictures courtesy of "Soulside", posted in the oldskoolchopper-pool on flickr


Bird said...

Boy howdy.... don't I know it!
I have been meaning to let go with a bit rant on my blog about "ol Skool", red rims, and "bobbers" but I have been biting my tounge.

I know it won't do any good, and that NOONE has any CLUE what a Bobber REALLY is.... so I just suffer through it.

Great shots! Those are choice dude!

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