Speedfest 2009

Speedfest 2009,car show hosted by the Trashers CC
This year most of the space was used for other things, not for displaying cars.
Anyway, Trashers brought their bellytank-project and a shitload of shirts to raise some funds to race that old jetfighter tank on the salt.
Cool shirts ! get yours !

Here on stage, Reverend Beatman, one man show, bringing some stylish gospel.
I guess he liked the Trashers project a lot cuz after his performance he came over to have a beer (or two) and he "blessed" the Trashers bellytank in his own unique style.
(ehm, how many racers have had their race-car blessed officially with beer ?)
Halleluja !

Polles Polara

Erwin`s roadster

Hanzl`s Pick-up.
Stay tuned, got me some stage shots of some of the bands performing.