Wheel of fortune

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The Letterfreak

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I visited the guys from "The Letterfreak" recently.
They are responsible for the large format prints on display at Dudok Rotterdam.
Part of my running Expo (http://hotrodlifestyle-expo.blogspot.com/)
They have a very nice printing facility, office and workshop in one location.
Imagine printers and plotters buzzing resulting in large format prints or signs, phones ringing all the time, the smell of 3M foil and coffee... the sound of heat-guns buzzing away, heating foil to be applied on curved surfaces, they do complete cars too !

Recently they laid their hands on film-negatives wich consist of images of Marylin Monroe, never before published, some great images, really cool stuff, seen above is a large format print on a piece of wall wich just looks awesome, truly amazing quality !

Contact those guys for one of these prints !

As from today you can order prints from my photographs on any media, in any size.
Mail me for info and rates on the possiblities !

Browse trough my website http://www.limpeiven.com/
or my Flickr account http://flickr.com/photos/limpix/sets/
Maybe you like one of the pics on this blog, just get in touch, me and the guys from The Letterfreak will get you the highest quality available !



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Cra, hammering ink.
Phone-pic, thanks Pete !



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Sucker for green

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Remember this post?

Duckman (Mark vander Kwaak) has finished digitizing this knuckle engine, digitally adapted it so it can hold 2 linkert carbs.
Duckman and Aad (a madly skilled mechanic and fabricator )did the adaption of the actual engine, wich is kinda cool, designing AND building what you design, and when those builds look as good in metal as they do on a computer-screen it`s no wonder that you steal some awards when entering a bike-building contest...
So when you have that design digitized, why not design a completely new bike around it ?
Wich is exacty what Mark did.

70`s style influenced trike design with the dual carb knuckle engine.
On request in a cool green colour, i`m a sucker for green stuff...I for one would like to see this one being build...

Mark`s working with a new program (hypershot) wich can render the design in a cool surrounding.
Just recently he posted a rendering of a cad-bike in a natural setting, you`ll have to look twice to see that is "just" an rendering..
Awesome !
Find out more on www.dbbp.com


Trashers heading for El Mirage

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Dutch Car Club The Trashers are some "driven" guys.
Some time ago i heard about their plans of building a belly-tank to actually race it at El Mirage.
As we speak the project is in progress but the lack of funds is holding them a bit on the slow side.
Slow is bad.
Visit their just released blog and read on how you can help these guys go fast !

The project on display during Speedfest.
More about the Trashers on

And just to get the feel, some footage.



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Mike`s, one of the best looking bikes around town, in my opinion.
Scan from film.
badly framed...too lazy to make a step backward...whatever.



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Seen at Perry`s a while ago.


If they could talk...

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Rambler, seen in Norway.

Makes me wonder whenever i see a car left, parked somewhere, left to rust, rest maybe.
Imagine some 40 years ago, somebody bought this one brand-new, probably proud as hell driving it out of the showroom or cardealers garage...imagine the stories..



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on a Volkswagen Van.
I`m a sucker for decals...


Up for sale #62 Dodge 880

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For sale at Perry`s;
A clean running 383 V8 powered on propane to keep ya happy while filling it up, cool pushbutton gear selection of that 727 tranny and a trunk so big to hide your mother-in-law in on those sweet sunday morning rides.
Conveniantly equipped with four doors to prevent puke stains of the passengers on the rear bench (ever been out drinkin` with a two door while one of your buddies had to empty his stomach ?Party people just rely on four-doors !)
Now for sale at Perry`s.


Come over !

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One more week untill the opening of my photo-exhibit

Dudok, Rotterdam, Thursdaynight february 12th.
Party will kick off around 20.30
As Karen states, come over and add some punch to the party !

Hope to see y'all there !


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