Calling Guzzmen

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Dude, drop me an e-mail !


Will do

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Outside on the parking lot at SINS3, nice shovel, would fit me just fine.



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Had a fantastic weekend at the sensational SINS show
What a feast for the eyes, i was amazed by the quality of cars and motorcycles on display, great people and fantastic atmosphere made me wear a smile !
Top that off with a great art-show and a great concert by BigSandy and Los Straightjackets and you have an event that will be heard for, for a long time afterwards
Browsing trough the pages of Motorized-Magazine,talking to some friends, taking pictures, enjoying the weather and eating the original Belgian french fries, doing translations for some visitors in the snack-shop, gazing at the eyecandy on display, inhaling fumes of cars rumbling on the parkinglot, it just doesn`t get any better !

Best quote heard;
I used to be a professional poolplayer but i quit.
I didn`t have the balls anymore


Heading for SINS

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VonSkip`s Coupe, doin`some mileage.
heading for SINS with all the Trashers and their cars
If you can find the time, get over there to see Europe`s finest collection of cars and motorcycles, it`s worth it !
Gus` shoebox, fresh out of the paintboot
Doin`that dvd stuff live
See y`all there !


Martin`s latest

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Thanks man !
For spicing up a photographers event !


Kid in a candy store

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I`m not a gear addict, not the kind that needs the latest new stuff.
My equipment suits me just fine, at least that what was i thought untill i shot some concerts recently.
The performance on high iso levels just simply sucks with the gear i carry.
So i went in search of the high-iso performance hype that the big names somehow use as a marketing trick...i thought wrong again...not much of a trick here.

My local toy store let me do some playing this evening with a D3 ( and some new objectives like the 14-24 f2.8 wich i instantly fell in love with) and i`m f*&^%ing amazed...
Somebody got a shitload of cash floating around cuz this kid wants some candy !

D3 Iso 6400 12-24 f2.8
Opened the file with Irfanview, opened again with photoshop, standard noise reduction settings...
I`ll be saving....
Some more interesting stuff when the iso isn`t much of an issue; you can keep your flash output power on the lower side, saves batteries, the other way around you get more light out of your flashes, flexible !



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Be there !


Happy Easter

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Rough translation;
Fokke and Sukke in search of easter eggs.
Comment; same spot as last year i presume ?



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Been quite busy, expierenced my first virus-attack on the computer (damn..), took me 4 whole days to put everything where it used to be...thank myself for back-ups..
Found some time today to do coffee at VonSkip.
Just recently he got his hands on this really cool pick-up. I like it !


Tank Tuesday

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Tjebbe`s on the blogroll.
Knowing his tank-obsession and perfect feel for the real style, this blog might be become an very interesting one !

Tuesday`s will be worth waiting for from now on !


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